The Shadowing Program allows young men discerning vocations to the priesthood to spend days of ministry with parish priests (and priests in chaplaincy work) on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holy Days.

Duos or trios of men are invited to experience ministry up-front and close in parish settings or chaplaincy venues. Participants may be expected to serve Masses, visit parish schools, hospitals, nursing homes, or the homes of parishioners. Meals are shared with priest-supervisors throughout the day. Although the Shadowing Program does not include overnight stays, parish priests and priest-chaplains may invite a duo or trio of shadowers to visit for two consecutive days, for example, Saturday and Sunday.

Candidates for the Shadowing Program must be at least 16 years old, and have met one-one-one with the director of vocations before requesting a shadowing day or weekend. Shadowers are expected to provide for their own transportation to and from the parish or chaplaincy venue.

The time parameters of the shadowing-visit are always determined in advance of the shadowing day or weekends.

Our good and generous priests of the Diocese are ready to show you the always-fulfilling, but sometimes unexpected turns of a typical priest’s ministry day. Please contact Fr. Mazzone to arrange for a shadowing-preparation meeting, and to discuss what sort of ministry venue would best aid your discernment at this time.