Below are twenty-five questions that may be helpful in your discernment. If you presently can answer “yes” to these questions, you may very well have a calling to serve the Church as a priest.

1. Am I experiencing an increased awareness of God in my life and an increased love for Jesus, for His way of life, for His mission and for His Body and Blood in the Eucharist?

2. Am I experiencing a deepening friendship with Jesus that makes me desire to share his mission of leading souls to holiness?

3. Am I experiencing an increased desire to give myself completely to God to be used as an instrument of His love and mercy?

4. Are my daily moments of prayer increasing in frequency and intensity?

5. Do I feel that God is calling me to serve Him and His Church?

6. Do I sometimes imagine myself serving in the Church as a priest?

7. Do people I respect and trust suggest that I pray about serving the Church as a priest?

8. Would those individuals who know me best attest that I am living a virtuous, Christian life?

9. Am I attending Mass regularly and do I make use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

10. Do I desire to pray in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament?

11. Am I currently reading Sacred Scripture or spiritual writings?

12. Do I love my Catholic Faith and do I desire to lead others to the Faith?

13. Do I have a desire to teach the doctrine and morals held by the Catholic Church?

14. Am I active in my Church community, in a particular ministry or on a particular committee?

15. Am I developing leadership skills in my school or community that I feel could be used in service to the Church?

16. Do I accept failure well and does my self-esteem remain intact when projects and endeavors do not succeed?

17. Do I make friends easily and enjoy being around people?

18. Am I kind to those who are less fortunate?

19. Am I intelligent and does my past academic performance suggest that I could perform well in college-level and masters-level courses?

20. Do I have a sense of humor and am I able to laugh at myself?

21. Do I have the emotional and psychological stability to remain healthy and balanced in my personal and professional relationships?

22. Am I courteous, punctual, self-disciplined, well mannered, and able to manage my time well?

23. Do I have a natural attraction to individuals of the opposite sex who are my own age?

24. Am I currently living a chaste life that is free of any sexual addictions or aberrant sexual behaviors?

25. Am I physically healthy and do I take pride in my appearance?

If you presently can answer “yes” to these questions, you may very well have a calling to serve the Church as a priest!